Business Lessons from Tiger Woods

If you’ve been around Business Growth Curator for a while, you probably know I enjoy golf.  When I was younger, everyone wanted to be like Tiger.  We wanted to wear the clothes he wore, swing like him, everything.  In the 90s during the height of his career, I had the opportunity to see Tiger Woods in person!  What I observed from him became an important business lesson for me later on.  In this video and blog, I’m sharing exactly what lesson that is.

male golf coach giving feedback to female golfer

Tiger Had a Team of Coaches and Experts

When I saw Tiger, he had a swing coach, other coaches, business advisors, and more.  Interestingly, not a single person on his team was as good of a golfer.  However, they all were able to contribute and provide feedback that led to his success in golf.  In fact, most situations require a team.  For example, you’re not able to represent yourself in court.  Similarly, most CEOs have a board that will provide perspective and feedback on the decisions they want to make.  No matter what field you’re in, having outside input is important.

man with glasses holding papers and talking on the phone

Entrepreneurship Can Be Isolating

When you became an entrepreneur, you probably wanted freedom.  You’re not looking for a boss or someone to veto your ideas!  However, with that freedom, you may be leading your business in a vacuum.  When was the last time you received feedback on a new idea?  Or, ask yourself if you regularly seek advice from people around you.  If the answer is no, there’s a good chance you’re feeling the loneliness of entrepreneurship.

group of men and women with laptops and papers discussing

How To Build Your Team of Experts

You may not have a board of directors or team of advisors, but you can create a community.  You need someone to call you out on your own BS, but you also need someone to encourage you on tough days!  When a lot of people are pulling on you, clients, team members, family, then you need someone to build you back up.  This team could be comprised of a business coach, colleagues, or trusted mentors.  You will not find success in life or business if you’re trying to do it all on your own.

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How To Leverage Expert Feedback

Even if you’re surrounded by trusted advisors, coaches, and experts, you will not automatically be successful.  In fact, you can throw thousands of dollars at programs, employees, and marketing advisors but still not be successful.  Why?  Because ideas are everywhere, but implementation is everything.  You will gain more traction by implementing one good idea consistently than you will by dabbling in multiple ideas…or by letting all those good ideas sit on your shelf or in your notes app.  I shared more about this principle in my training “Ideas Are Everywhere, Implementation Is Everything.”  I look forward to hearing about the results you find through building “board of executives” and implementing good ideas consistently!

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