If you make everything a priority, then you make nothing a priority.  In this quick video training, Bradley says, “Show Me Your Calendar,” to see which priorities are getting your time.

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Missing White Space in Your Calendar?

As a business owner, it can be easy for your calendar to fill up before you realize.  When everything is on your calendar, then nothing can truly be a priority.  If you took time to identify what your priorities are, then it’s time to take a good look at your calendar. When working with one particular business coach, I was told to never have white space.  I had specific times to do every single thing in my business.  I did it for a while, but I now completely disagree with that philosophy!

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Do You Invest Time In Personal Growth?

In Mark Miller’s interview on December 5, 2022 (upcoming at the time of this blog), he spoke about creating margin in your calendar.  This comes down to be disciplined enough to accomplish what’s needed in your business for the time you set aside, and then using your margins to grow your leadership, rest, and invest in your other priorities.  So I want to ask you, what amount of time can you set aside to plan, think, and assess in your business?

When you think about allocating personal calendar time, it’s important to know that hitting all your business priorities don’t rely on you.  It comes down to understanding what is needed and who can fill those needs. I have realized over the years that there needs to be a set amount of time that a limit myself to with working in my business and on my business.  This allows me to have margins to “squeeze” in unexpected things when needed.

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When The Unknown Interrupts Your Calendar

There are unknowns in your business, a big example being the pandemic or maybe losing a key team member, but it’s important to plan as much as you can within your schedule for your priorities.  Think about it this way, if you didn’t plan to spend 6-8 hours per night sleeping, but instead worked those hours, you would become sleep deprived very quickly.  Similarly, if you didn’t plan to spend 3-4 hours per week developing your business, your business would begin to grow stagnant quickly.  However, if you plan the important things into your schedule, like sleep and business development, then you are more prepared to handle the unknowns when they come up.  You can fill your margins with the unexpected, and delegate to your team as needed.

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What Are The Outcomes?

When you know your priorities, and you have created space in your calendar for them, then it’s time to think about outcomes.  What do you need to do in order to build a plan for those outcomes?  Do you need to invest more thinking time in a specific outcome?  Do you need to add something to your calendar to accomplish? I advise my coaching clients to focus on 90 day, 1 year, and 3 year outcomes.  It’s time to get your priorities and calendar aligned with your intended outcomes.

Resources to Grow Your Leadership

Bradley has many resources to grow your leadership in the area of vision and priorities.  Check out a few of them:

what are your priorities

Many business owners never take the time to decide where they want to go.  Readers of our blog usually don’t fall into this category on a broad scale, but I would like to challenge you to dig deeper.  When I ask, “What are your priorities?” what I mean is “What are your goals?” Keep reading…

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When I was learning from pro golf instructor Chris Burns, he used all kinds of techniques to improve our game.  I was so focused on avoiding all the pitfalls in the course during these sessions, and often that focus caused me to land my ball exactly where I didn’t want it to go. Keep reading…

it's time to solve the rainmaker's dilemma

It’s difficult to get to your destination if you aren’t sure where you currently are!  After all, the path from Minnesota to Canada is very different than the path from Mexico to Canada.  If you aren’t certain where you’re at today in business, you need to take the Rainmaker to Architect assessment.  It will gauge your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and in your business.  Then, you’ll get detailed, specific suggestions for improvement.  Take the assessment here.