What you pay attention to shapes your thoughts, mindsets, and your business decisions. Watch Bradley’s quick video training to see where your attention should be.

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Are You On The Drift?

Michael Hyatt first gave me this idea of “the drift,” where you kind of drift away from something over a period of time.  You never wake up and say “Today’s the day I’m going to sabotage my business,” or “Today’s the day I’m going to ruin my culture in my business.”

Ultimately what happens is that over a period of time, you drift by what you’re listening, reading, and who you’re talking to.  You have to stay very focused on the obstacles that are holding you back, and on consuming material and speaking with people who will help you overcome that obstacle.

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What You Consume Gets Your Attention

For example, one year I set a goal to read 36 books.  At the end of the year, I accomplished the goal, but I couldn’t tell you what I took away from that reading!  I was just reading to accomplish that goal.  Now, I read fewer books, but I am intentional about what I’m reading and how I can apply it.

This is similar to the principle of a “Low Info Diet” that I shared recently.  Instead of taking in all the information available, you should seek to take in the information you need to grow.  You may find that there are one or two specific things you need to hone in on once you choose a topic.  

For example, I chose to learn more about marketing this year.  However, there are hundreds of ways to market a business.  So I had to focus in on one topic, and I chose digital marketing.  From there, I began curating the podcasts, books, Facebook groups, and other resources I engaged with.

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So What Will You Pay Attention To?

When you pay attention to what you actually pay attention to, you’ll begin to see where the results in your business and life are coming from. Then, you can begin to choose what things deserve your attention at this point in your journey.

Resources For Your Attention:

Here are some additional resources and trainings that are worth paying attention to!

bradley video thumbnail with text "a simple managerial framework"

Most of the business owners I meet are not great managers.  While leadership is a journey, and quite a few of my clients are great leaders, the majority of owners in the world have a visionary approach.  You may feel like you have “bright, shiny object syndrome,” and it can hurt your management abilities. Keep reading…

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If you’re reading this, you probably love learning.  Listening to podcasts, hearing from your peers, hitting book goals, and continuing to take in information.  But are you seeking information for the sake of learning, or is it for a purpose?  There is a good chance that as you take in more and more information, you’re implementing less and less. Keep reading…

it's time to solve the rainmaker's dilemma

It’s difficult to get to your destination if you aren’t sure where you currently are!  After all, the path from Minnesota to Canada is very different than the path from Mexico to Canada.  If you aren’t certain where you’re at today in business, you need to take the Rainmaker to Architect assessment.  It will gauge your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and in your business.  Then, you’ll get detailed, specific suggestions for improvement.  Take the assessment here.