Are you focused on the wrong things in your business?  Watch Bradley’s quick video training to see if you’re accidentally headed “out of bounds.”


Worried About Going Out Of Bounds?

When I was learning from pro golf instructor Chris Burns, he used all kinds of techniques to improve our game.  I was so focused on avoiding all the pitfalls in the course during these sessions, and often that focus caused me to land my ball exactly where I didn’t want it to go.  Similarly, at my current golf club in Huntsville, there is one particularly challenging hole.  Every time I step up to #2, my mind runs back all the times I sent the ball too far left or right.  Often, when I’m worried about the potential mistakes I could make, I end up sending my ball out of bounds.

woman holding hands up to frame a point in the distance

Laser Focus On The Goal

Later on, I began working with a golf coach who took a different approach.  When I stepped up to a challenging hole, he would get me to focus on where I DID want the ball to go.  This laser focus not only kept me from driving out of bounds, but it improved my overall results.  This change of perspective caused me to reflect on how this could apply to business.  When you’re constantly focused on where you don’t want to go, you can easily get into the weeds of your business.  You might even feel like you’re pulled in every direction without creating any real growth.  So what can you do if you’re overly concerned about going “out of bounds,” while simultaneously heading toward that exact result?

man leaning back in chair looking thoughtfully out a window

Pause To Gain Perspective

If you’re headed out of bounds, it’s time to interrupt the cycle.  This week, schedule time to think about your business.  However, make this “thinking time” intentional.  Spend time thinking about where you are right now in your business.  Then reflect back on what decisions took you to that point.  If you feel as though other people’s actions are to blame, dig deeper.  Ask yourself what part you played in those circumstances, and what you could do to avoid a similar result.  Then, think about where you want to go.  What will it take to get there?  And what is the next right thing you can do to begin taking you in that direction?

More Ways To Move Forward In Business

Here are some additional resources and trainings to help you get laser-focused on your goals in business:

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it's time to solve the rainmaker's dilemma

It’s difficult to get to your destination if you aren’t sure where you currently are!  After all, the path from Minnesota to Canada is very different than the path from Mexico to Canada.  If you aren’t certain where you’re at today in business, you need to take the Rainmaker to Architect assessment.  It will gauge your strengths and weaknesses as a leader and in your business.  Then, you’ll get detailed, specific suggestions for improvement.  Take the assessment here.