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The Pitfall Of Loving to Learn

If you’re reading this, you probably love learning.  Listening to podcasts, hearing from your peers, hitting book goals, and continuing to take in information.  But are you seeking information for the sake of learning, or is it for a purpose?  There is a good chance that as you take in more and more information, you’re implementing less and less.  Where does this leave you as a leader, business owner, or person?  Without much change or improvement.

What Is a Low Information Diet?

When you’re taking in information, I want to encourage you to seek information that solves a specific problem or gap in your leadership.  If you don’t, you’ll find yourself getting spread thin.  By focusing on specific topics and expert advice, you will begin to implement a low information diet.  You’ll be able to go deep in specific areas of growth, rather than knowing a little bit about a lot.

This doesn’t mean you should stop reading books or listening to podcasts altogether.  What I recommend is curating the content that you take in.  Consider one or two areas where you want to improve.  Then, seek out specific resources that speak to those topics.

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Don’t Finish Everything

As a learner, you don’t have to finish everything you start.  When it comes to resources, there are times that books or podcasts are repetitive.  Sometimes, they are simply unhelpful.  Your time and attention are precious, and your choices should reflect that.  When you are not finding something helpful, simply put it down.  You can find a resource that is more helpful!  This is another step toward curating your information.

How To Find Valuable Information

While you may have learned behaviors over the years, you can intentionally seek out and implement new information that will empower you to be a better leader.  The resources are never ending, so it’s time to go on a low information diet.  Go deep on a few areas at a time, and then determine what the next right thing is.

Information For Your Diet…

Looking for specific resources?  Check out a few of our trainings and resources that may be helpful for your low info diet!

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