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As a business owner, we know you want to grow your business.

Because of this, we’ve curated some of our favorite business resources for you. The Business Architect Score, Leadership Podcast, and blog were created by our team to help owners like you gain clarity, build a plan, and develop the confidence to grow your business.  We look forward to having you in our community of likeminded owners, and can’t wait to hear how these resources help you grow.

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Your first step towards becoming the Architect of your business is to truly understand where you are vs. where you want your business to be.  The Rainmaker to Architect assessment has been developed to quickly and painlessly assess your role in your business and your business’ growth potential. When you complete this 90 second assessment, you will receive an actionable score.  You’ll also get tailored results and suggestions on how to improve your leadership and business growth.

Business Architect Score


These video trainings from Bradley provide powerful principles and implementation strategies.  They have been curated specifically for owners who want to grow their businesses.  Watch right here, or subscribe to the YouTube channel so you don’t miss a video!


The Business Growth Curator team shares powerful business tips and expertise with readers like you. When you read these blogs, you will learn how to lead well, develop your team, scale your business, and make a difference through articles that explore real world examples. Each blog is about 1200 words, so you can read it in about five minutes. When you read these blogs, you’ll find thought-provoking prompts to help you apply the principles to your own business.


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  • my first ea thumbnail

    Video Training: My First EA

    Have you been considering hiring an assistant, maybe for executive tasks? It can be easy to delay this hire because it is hard to justify. Often, executive tasks are not direct moneymaking activities. But I want to share my experience hiring my first EA, and what I learned [...]

  • inversion thinking thumbnail

    Video Training: Inversion Thinking

    Can inversion thinking reduce the amount of costly mistakes in your business? Find out in this quick training! What Is Inversion Thinking? Charlie Munger's inversion thinking concept is a mental model that involves flipping the perspective of a problem, challenge, or decision-making process. [...]

  • a-players thumbnail

    Video Training: A-Players

    Every business owner is looking for that next best hire. Whether it's sales, ops, accounting, marketing, or anything else, Bradley is sharing tools to identify A-Players. The Predictive Interview When you conduct a predictive interview, you should know ahead of time what you’re [...]

  • tipping point featured image

    Video Training: The Tipping Point

    The Tipping Point is a concept introduced by Malcolm Gladwell in his book of the same name. It refers to the moment when a previously slow-moving change or idea suddenly becomes viral and spreads rapidly. The Small Business Tipping Point The concept of [...]

  • Video Training: Desire Vs. Design

    Desire won't get you to your goal, but design will. Learn how to leverage both of them in this quick training, Desire vs. Design: Do You Have Desire? Dream-boards, goal setting workshops, visualization, pep-talks, speakers, gurus and inspirational quotes seem to be the [...]

  • Video Training: It’s Lonely At The Top

    Recently, I heard a podcast from Michael Hyatt talking about why it’s lonely at the top. While we’ve all heard this, and know it to be true, I don’t think it needs to be.  Here’s why: Easier Said Than Done Simple principles are [...]

  • what it actually takes

    Video Training: What It Actually Takes

    Recently, I saw a thought post from Brian Luebben in a podcasting group that drove this point home: What it actually takes is greater than what you think it will take.  I’m breaking it down in this training. Brian's Big Payoff Brian shared [...]

  • network is your net worth thumbnail

    Video Training: Your Network Is Your Net Worth

    So you've heard this adage before: "Your net worth is your network." But I would like to propose that your forgotten business assets and connections are of massive value, and add to your net worth exponentially. Keep reading or watch above to find out why. [...]

  • Video Training: Proximity

    People say “You are the sum of the 5 people closest to you,” all the time.  While that has always resonated with me, it never really caused me to make a change. But a variation of this concept has, and the variation is proximity. Here’s where I saw [...]

  • Video Training: The Beach Analogy

    As a business owner, you have a vision for how big you want your company to be. Whether it's a $1M business or a $100M empire, the key to achieving that vision is to build the right foundations and structures early on. The beach analogy can help illustrate [...]

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