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These video trainings from The Business Growth Curator team provide powerful principles and implementation strategies to small business owners and their teams. Follow the button underneath the training to learn more about it and get the video sent straight to your inbox!

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What is the Rainmaker’s Dilemma?

As a business owner, your greatest strengths in entrepreneurship can become debilitating as you grow your business. You will learn why this is and why to do about it in Bradley’s free fifteen minute training.

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These free resources are specifically geared towards owners who want to enjoy being an entrepreneur and small business owner. With these downloads, you’ll learn how to set up your business so that it can run smoothly without constant attention. This will allow you to move away from repeatable tasks that others can do, and focus in on your strengths and passions. Ultimately, these free tools will help you create the freedom and flexibility you desire through your business.

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eBooks From Business Growth Curator

We curated these resources to equip you with information and strategies to help you grow your leadership and scale your business.

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Freedom Point eBook

Do you feel stuck in the day to day hamster wheel of running a business? Do you wish you could focus on the parts of your business that you enjoy most? In the Freedom Point eBook, you’ll learn how to do just that. We share key strategies with you that allow you to get back to the fun, freedom, and flexibility of your business.

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Thinking Vs. Doing eBook


Your role as a CEO can be divided into two buckets: one for managing and the other for thinking. When you read Thinking Vs. Doing, you’ll learn how to focus on what’s most important as an owner. Following that focus, you’ll learn how to delegate tasks that others on your team can complete.

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The Exit Checklist

Your business may be at a point where it could sell at a great profit. However, many owners are not sure if they are ready to let their business go. To help you answer this question, this eBook provides a checklist! When you download it, you’ll get our five-step action plan to ensure you have a happy, lucrative exit from your business.

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Productize Your Business


Customers want to “hire” a product to do a job, or, as legendary Harvard Business School marketing professor Theodore Levitt put it, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill. They want a quarter-inch hole!” Because of this powerful principle, we’ve created “Productize Your Business.” When you read it, you will learn how to create products within your business.

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The Overlooked Owner

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9 Subscription Models Any Business Can Adopt

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This podcast is one of our most popular resources! Bradley Hamner, founder of Business Growth Curator, hosts the Club Capital Leadership Podcast. Each week, guests such as Mike Michalowicz, John Lee Dumas and General Stanley McChrystal join the podcast to share their expertise. If you’re ready to Grow your Leadership, Develop your Team and Scale your Business, be sure to subscribe on your favorite podcast player so you never miss an episode.

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Each week, the Business Growth Curator team shares powerful business tips and expertise with readers like you. When you read these blogs, you will learn how to lead well, develop your team, scale your business, and make a difference through articles that explore real world examples. Each blog is about 1200 words, so you can read it in about five minutes. When you read these blogs, you’ll find thought-provoking prompts to help you apply the principles to your own business.


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  • 4 pillars

    Core 4 Values

    If you’ve been around BGC at any length of time, you know how much we talk about Core 4 Values.  There are a lot of things that go into creating and integrating those, so we won’t go too much into detail about HOW today.  But we wanted to share BGC’s [...]

  • book of standard operating procedures with highlights and tabs

    Why You Need Standard Operating Procedures

    If you hired someone today, how would you show them the way you like tasks to be completed?  Or, for that matter, what tasks are even needed?  Chances are you have a dusty binder with instructions from a few years ago, a few email threads, and maybe a shared doc [...]

  • man drawing blueprint on graph paper

    Architect Your Passion

    Do you know how to architect your passion?  This might not be easy to answer, but here are a few key indicators that you aren’t operating out of what you really care about: It takes twice as long to convert in your business, you’re often drained and excited to leave [...]

  • a man and a woman discussing something on a desktop computer screen, illustrating care personally and challenge directly

    How To Care Personally AND Challenge Directly

    The idea of “care personally and challenge directly” was popularized recently by Kim Scott’s book, Radical Candor.  Kim worked with Google, Apple, and with Cheryl Sandberg directly.  In her book, she shares how to be a “kick-ass” boss without losing your humanity.  More importantly, she unpacks how to create relationships [...]

  • man looking out over city skyline

    Architect Your Vivid Vision

    What does it mean to architect your vivid vision?  It sounds great, but it’s a core concept that all business owners need to unpack.  It starts with transitioning away from being the rainmaker in your business.  (I have a free training all about The Rainmaker’s Dilemma available for you.  Check [...]

  • ferrari on street

    Wants vs. Needs: Ferraris In Singapore

    My 11 year old son and his friends are obsessed with luxury cars.  They go crazy every time they see a Tesla or a Lamborghini.  In fact, I had a friend of mine bring their luxury car to my son’s birthday party recently.  All the kids went crazy for it.  [...]

  • two men shaking hands and smiling

    Know, Like & Trust

    People need to know, like, and trust you and your brand.  How do you get people to do that?  Some people run more ads to get the word out about their services.  Others try to personally connect with each person who encounters their brand.  You might rely on your work [...]

  • man standing on top of mountain with hands stretched out

    Accomplishment Vs. Progress

    Have you ever had a big goal or mountain that you wanted to climb?  This accomplishment is likely a milestone in your business or career.  It could be a certain level of income, landing a big client, or gaining recognition in your field.   Once you made it, how long [...]

  • two arrows in a forest, turquoise pointing up and red pointing down

    You’re Measuring The Wrong Direction

    How often to you look back over the past 90 days to see how far you’ve gotten? If you can’t answer that question easily, you might feel like you’ve missed the mark in your business.  But the real reason is usually because you are so forward-focused, you forget to acknowledge [...]

  • beautiful bar and restaurant seating area

    Why Good Products Fail (And What To Do About It)

    Have you seen the TV shows that feature a failing restaurant or bar and a celebrity chef who comes in to save the day?  This chef may transform the menu, provide a new way of operating the kitchen, makeover the seating area, or offer other helpful changes to the owner.  [...]

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