Meet Bradley

Business Growth & Certified Value Builder Consultant

Bradley Hamner

I believe that 6 & 7 figure business owners with children deserve to buy back their time and enjoy their family. Through my professional work, I have gained 15+ years of sales and entrepreneurship experience in addition to my Business Growth & Value Builder certifications.

Whether you’re looking to grow a business that you can sell in the next five years, or want to get out of the weeds of your company to do the work you enjoy, I can help you do just that.

Meet Emily

Business Growth & Kolbe Certified Consultant

Emily Owens

Emily is a Business Growth and Kolbe Certified Consultant who is committed to helping business owners gain the mindset, skillset, and toolset to build a more fulfilling life both personally and professionally.

She fully believes in the power of positivity and finds ways to inject joy into everything she does. Her work is no exception; “the happier you are, the more successful you’ll be!”

She is an enthusiastic thinker and go-getter, who doesn’t mind pushing boundaries for game changing results; maintaining that in order for your business to compete – and to win – you have to be proactive, not just reactive!

Leading to her current position at Business Growth Curator, she helped “start-up” entrepreneurs understand the steps necessary to establish a sustainable, profitable business and more seasoned Entrepreneurs “figure out” what they needed to change in order to build a more valuable company that thrives without them.

Her experience as a Business Consultant, combined with the 10+ years as a Business Manager Emily has developed a unique perspective when it comes to building a valuable company.

Meet Courtney

Courtney Knox

Courtney Knox is an Executive Assistant for Rock Solid Virtual Assistants and has been Bradley’s assistant since October 2020. In addition to working for Rock Solid, Courtney has experience as a certified teacher and in the investment services industry. Courtney has almost 10 years’ experience working alongside business owners and CEOs helping them with their administrative work. She is sought after for her expertise in inbox detox and management, calendar management, data entry and bookkeeping for her clients.

Meet Ellie

Ellie Turk

Ellie is a Creative Virtual Assistant for Rock Solid Virtual Assistants, and has been with Business Growth Curator since March 2021. She is a business owner and entrepreneur in digital media, creating and producing content in film, podcasts, music, and design for brands and business owners across the country. She has five years experience specializing in digital marketing and loves helping people tell their story through media.

Ellie has a MSc in Entertainment Business and Law and twelve years experience in digital media production.